The most widely-used and popular app store for Android users is none other than Google Play Store. It boasts an extensive collection of famous Android apps, including games, shopping apps, editing apps, and more. 

But despite its enormous collection, it continues to be devoid of several must-have Android apps. Thankfully, there are many third-party app stores,  from where you can download your favorite apps that are unavailable on Google Play Store. 

What are third-party app stores?

As the name suggests, third-party app stores are app stores by parties other than the official operating system manufacturers. You can find unknown and less popular games and apps on these sites. 

How to download third-party apps?

The steps to downloading third-party apps are easy and simple. Just do the following – 

  1. Go to the official website of your desired third-party app store. 
  2. Select the “Download” option on the website in order to start the downloading process. 
  3. Grant permission to your operating system to allow the download from your file or web browser. Doing so will successfully install the app store to your device.

Thus, with these steps, you’ll now have your desired third-party app store on your phones.

What are the best third-party app stores?

If you’d like to know about five great third-party app stores, keep on reading. 

  1. Amazon App Store – 

The most well-known Android app store alternative is the Amazon App Store. Initially launched in 2011, this tool has a decent amount of interesting apps, and includes those which aren’t available in the play store. It has an easy-to-use interface and is compatible with all types of Android phones. You can download it from the official Amazon website. 

  1. Aptoide – 

Aptoide is one of the oldest third-party app stores available on the internet. It has numerous categories of apps to choose from. You can even find popular as well as lesser-known apps here. It is one of the most trusted apps stores and continues to have a large user base even today. You can access this store by going to the official Aptoide website.

  1. AC Market – 

If you want an app store that replicates the play store in its user interface, then AC Market is just the one for you. It has a very clean and sharp format. It also has all kinds of popular apps as well as the best unknown Android apps. You can find several modified apps as well. Best of all, it can be used for all Android as well as iOS devices. 

  1. APK Pure – 

One of the most renowned and best Android apps outside Google Play is APKPure. This third-party store has a plethora of tools and entertainment apps that you can use. If you want something that is simple and doesn’t need much fiddling around, then this app will suit you the best. There are numerous favorable reviews of APK Pure and it continues to be a user favorite. 

  1. Qoo Apps – 

Fans of Anime and Manga will love Qoo Apps, which is a third-party app store that contains different kinds of Japanese games. It includes match games, role-playing games, and much more. It’s limited in categories as it is a specially made store for Asian games. But if you want Japanese games that are unavailable in the Google Play Store, you’ll get them here.