It is common knowledge that IT is a field that is constantly evolving. The expertise and knowledge required to play a part in IT are always changing. Nowadays, to get a good job in this sector, it is crucial for beginners to have one of the top IT certifications in demand today.

However, choosing a certification that’s best for you might seem like a daunting task. That’s why we’ve created a guide that informs you about the best IT certifications for 2020. 

What is an IT certification? 

As the name suggests, IT certifications are reputed courses that will give you specialized knowledge in various areas of the field. It’s great for beginners as well as for people with prior experience. 

What are the advantages of IT Certifications?

The benefits of getting an IT certification are boundless, but the principal ones are –

  • You’ll always have a greater advantage during any hiring process.
  • It’s a well-known fact that certification holders earn around 25% higher salaries. Your certification will make you a valuable asset so you’ll be paid more and given more importance. 
  • Your experience will help you hold on and adapt even as the IT sector undergoes transformations. 
  • Your credibility will sky-rocket when you get certification and you’ll certainly stand out amongst your peers.

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What are the best IT certifications for beginners?

The five best IT certifications that up-and-coming professionals should get are as follows-

CompTIA A+

Our first suggestion is the CompTIA A+ certification. A beginner will get a lot of benefit from this training course. It will provide applicants with solid basic training in technical support, hardware management, and problem-solving.

Such information will ensure that they’ll be crystal clear with all foundational information. Thus they will be able to stand out amongst others since you’ll have a great grasp over the basics. 

ITIL Certification

If you’re interested in stepping foot into the world of IT management, the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) course is the one you need. This course helps all beginners understand the primary concepts that are required in an IT firm, and how to apply them. It’ll also teach them to tackle problems and issues with modern axioms and approaches. 

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 

By taking part in this course formulated by Cisco, a leading IT giant, you’ll be familiar with all the intricacies of IT networking. Those involved in the CCNA program can choose to specialize in collaborations, data center, security, cloud, and much more. Thus applicants will be able to train and gain experience in their desired niches. 

PMP certifications

PMP certification is one of the most prestigious certifications you can get. It’s also convenient as it’s one of the few IT certifications online.

It teaches candidates to manage and lead projects on their own, in a way that no other course can replicate. The PMP course will give you an immense amount of credibility and hold value throughout your career. 

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MSCA) 

This entry-level certification is one of the best certifications to get. It’ll help applicants to get familiar with the creation of technological solutions all across the Microsoft platform.

This is especially great if you wish to pursue a career under Microsoft later on. It’ll also make you eligible to get more advanced certifications further on. 

Although Airtel is primarily known for being a leading network provider, they also have a long airtel DTH channel list and other services. One of them is Airtel Digital TV, which is its DTH service. 

Airtel Digital TV is one of the best DTH services available in India. It has an expansive collection of channels, pocket-friendly prices, and more. But taking a new connection or changing DTH can be quite complicated. Even navigating the Airtel DTH channel list can get quite confusing. 

Hence, we’ve formulated a guide that’ll assist you in choosing the best packs, getting your own Airtel DTH service, and more. 

What is the best Airtel DTH channel package list?

There are numerous channel packages to choose from. You can even purchase a base pack and add-on Airtel DTH channel list according to your demands. However, getting started on this can be difficult. So here are five best package options:

Mega Pack HD – 

If you want a selection of the most popular news and entertainment channels, then choose this pack. It’s a mixed bag of the most interesting and widely watched channels which will entertain you to no end. You can get it at just Rs. 699 per month.

Dabangg Sports HD Pack –

This is the perfect channel package for every sports fanatic out there. It has almost every sports channel you can name, as well as a variety of other entertainment, news and lifestyle channels. Get it at Rs. 360 per month. 

FTA Pack – 

At only Rs. 153 per month, you can gain access to several regional and national channels, ranging from news, music, lifestyle, and more. Like always, for an extra charge, you can add-in other channels from the FTA platform and non-FTA platform as well. 

Value Sports HD Pack – 

For a wide range of sports and Hindi entertainment, including movies, shows, and cartoons, the Value Sports HD Pack is the best. It has an eclectic mix of sports and Hindi channels which will keep you entertained all day. It’s available at only Rs. 478 per month. 

Mega HD – 

The Mega HD pack is the best package for all South-Indian patrons. It has a vast collection of Malayalam, Tamil, and Kannada channels as well as English and Hindi news, entertainment and kids channels. It’s a well-rounded pack suitable for all families, and you can get it at only Rs. 588 per month. 

There is also an Airtel DTH free channels list which consists of a wide variety of Doordarshan channels. It includes DD News, DD Sports, DD Lok Sabha, and more. 

How can I get an Airtel DTH new connection?

If you want to get a brand new connection for Airtel Digital TV, all you have to do is go to the official Airtel website and choose the “DTH” option. Then, fill in your personal details and pay. Airtel will do the set-up and installation for you. 

You can also contact the Airtel DTH customer care number for a new connection. 

How can I do Airtel DTH recharge?

In case you already have an Airtel Digital TV connection but don’t know how to recharge, here are the following steps. 

Simply go to the “My Airtel” app or the official Airtel website, go to the “Recharge” section, and choose “DTH Recharge”. Then enter your payment details. Your account will be recharged and services will resume within minutes. 

Alternatively, you can also contact Airtel customer care for the same.

No matter how good your SEO content is, any amount of technical issues can drastically lower your website’s search ranking. A proper technical SEO audit is essential on many levels to ensure better search results.

Well, you do not need to go to a full-fledged technical SEO course or follow SEO tips to rank your website, but there are few steps that can easily ensure a successful technical SEO audit your site needs. Let’s see how you can bring it in order.

A Step by Step Guide to a Technical SEO Audit for your site

  1. Check if the main versions of your website are browsable. You can consider all the ways a person can type your website address into a browser. Only one of these versions should be acceptable in a browser. 
  2. Next, start a website crawl running in the background. It will keep an eye on the website in the same way as Google and provide some useful information on the existing SEO setup and structure.
  3. Once the crawling happens, check Google for indexation issues. It will also tell you how many pages Google has indexed for your domain. Checking out for indexation issues is an essential component of the SEO checklist for developers that can make the process easy. 
  4. Next, go to the search engine and search for your brand name. If you do not rank in position one, but down in the results, then chances are the search engine thinks that the other site is more appropriate. You can focus more on brand building and link building to make the whole process easy.
  5. After linking, try to perform some basic on-page SEO check manually to avoid any errors.
  6. The next and the final step in our technical SEO Checklist is a full content audit. Find low-quality pages with little or no organic search traffic. If there is a scope of improvement, then update them and relaunch. Otherwise, delete it and redirect the URL to a relevant page.

How to find an XML sitemap?

An XML sitemap is a list of all your website URLs. You need to find your XML sitemap for the site to check if it is valid or not. The best way to do this is to put the sitemap file in the root folder of the domain.

You can keep it anywhere, even in another domain. However, having a sitemap is not compulsory, but it is better to keep it as it helps the search engines to find and index new websites. It also helps the search engines to find the updated web pages in a faster way and ensure quick access to it.

Here are the three most essential places where you can find your sitemap. 

  • Try typing in your domain name and search for it.
  • Try typing your domain name in the robots.txt file for the sitemap URL. It is the standard practice to put it here as it is the first place where search engines usually look.
  • Do a website search on Google by typing your site. Also, search the XML type of file into the search engine. In case you get a lot of results from the search, you can continue refining the search further. Also, try adding a category to have a sitemap in the URL.

The ever-changing world of search engine optimization is never the same for long.  The first, foremost, and the best SEO tips to follow would be to execute these steps rather than just read. As the search engines evolve algorithms and implement the changes, the marketers and customer experience practitioners find it a new challenge to keep up with them.

So what are the best practices that you can do in 2020 to stay ahead? Well, we are going to look at some of the essential on-page SEO tips that can help you to cope up with the regular changes that happen in the world of search engines. 

Let’s begin with all the tips that you can add in your monthly SEO tasks and make your site rank better in the search results!

Best SEO Tips to Help Website Rank Better

  1. Relevant landing pages

One of the best SEO tip is to make sure that your landing page is relevant to the user’s search requirements. It is useless to try to rank your keywords for the sake of traffic if your landing page does not meet the user’s needs. Work out with the idea of your keywords if you are targeting, and the content you plan to create that can match with what the user is trying to search. 

  1. Audit your metadata

Double-check if your metadata includes the description and title. You no longer need to stuff keywords into your meta descriptions as it is essential to focus on the click-through rate of meta titles and descriptions. Be more focused on attracting the customer with sales language rather than stuffing the available characters with irrelevant keywords.

  1. Post Permalink structure

Making sure that your URL is displayed correctly is one of the most important SEO tips you need to keep in mind. Use your target keyboard in the URL and avoid using special characters, symbols, brackets, commas, etc. in the actual URL. You can also use dashes to differentiate the strings in your URL structure that are supported by most web browsers.

  1. Keyword density

Always prefer to keep the keyword density around 1.5 % along with the mix of LSI keywords. Remember that there is no magic formula to it, so make sure to use the related words to help the search engines understand clearly about your content. It is one of the most essential yet, technical SEO tips that can help you to add more relevance to your content.

  1. Word count per post

For a better rank in the search engine results, it is essential to know that blog posts with a low word count do not perform well. It is because they appear to be less informative in comparison with the other pieces of content. 

For a safer side, always go with a well researched and informative approach that can provide enough information. Also, it can help you in the long run if you are targeting highly competitive keywords. 

  1. External linking

Consider linking out to external websites apart from linking to your blog posts. However, before proceeding, make sure that the information on the external website is relevant to the information in your post. Also, make sure that you link to trusted sites only. Else, you are likely to face problems with external linking in the future

Matching steps with the continuously evolving SEO and search engine algorithms are essential to rank better. So, make sure that you go through these important SEO tips and make your content rank better than ever!

IT services are the most effective tool that provides adequate support to any organizational infrastructure. It is getting bigger and better with the adoption of different organizations. The organization is taking maximum advantage of various frameworks of IT systems. There are numerous frameworks available to help the current business scenario. One of the most popular and effective ones is ITIL. 

‘Information Technology Infrastructure Library’ is a set of frameworks of different practices that enable any organization to formulate as well as improve their core processes which directly link to service management.

Specifically, ITIL provides enormous help in managing business risks, customer relationships, and also provides a cost-effective platform for the organization. Here we are providing an overview of ITIL and the related processes as well as the concepts. First, we will provide information about the different levels of ITIL certifications:

Levels of ITIL certifications

There are five different levels of ITIL certification; they are as follows:

  • Foundation

This is the base for any aspirant as it provides adequate information while starting the course. The practitioner gets all the essential help with this ITIL foundation course. It provides access to all the other four levels as it is the binding link between all. Without this, it is impossible to pursue different levels.

  • Practitioner

The subsequent step after the foundation, which helps the practitioner to adapt, adopt, and apply the ITIL concepts in a business or organization. With the help of this level, one can easily gain competency in management, communication, and also in measurement and metrics.

  • Intermediate

The mid-stage level is an essential aspect of the ITIL framework that provides information about different aspects of ITSM. It helps in gaining multiple perspectives toward IT services.

  • Expert

This is the advanced stage of ITIL certification that provides a maximum depth of this framework. It is the step that is mandatory before gaining the master certificate. This helps in achieving the optimum level of expertise.

  • Master

This is the topmost level of ITIL certification that provides knowledge using this framework in core processes.

Apart from these levels, there are several benefits of attaining this certification. Here we are also providing a brief idea about all those benefits.

Benefits of ITIL framework

Following are some of the benefits of the ITIL framework that makes it quite efficient for both individuals and organizations.

  • The ITIL framework helps to increase the productivity and efficiency of the individual as well as the whole organization. This is the stepping stone that helps in boosting the career for individuals, whereas for the organization, it helps in providing comprehensive support. This support is related to management, customer relationship, and various other aspects.
  • The ITIL certifications help the individual to attain an additional competency that provides propulsion to their career growth. The organization well recognizes this certification, and it is now attaining maximum popularity.

The overall summary of the ITIL key concepts makes it quite useful for both individuals and the organization. If you are planning to attain additional growth in your career, then opt for this without any second thought.