Active seating solutions: this is an increasingly popular term nowadays. But what does the term mean? Why should people prefer to buy active seating solutions? To know more about this term, continue reading below: 

What is an active seating solution? 

Active seating arrangement means a combination of a chair and table that facilitates the better movement of a person than traditional seating solutions. By incorporating this concept in everyday life, people’s bodies would engage in more activities, thus fighting against the effects caused by leading a sedentary lifestyle. This term is also known as dynamic seating. By following active seating, your body muscles are engaged, thus reducing chances of abdominals, back or lower back pains. If you aren’t getting a suitable active chair from any physical store or online site, you can rent office chairs of your choice. 


  • Benefits of Active Seating


People are choosing active seating solutions nowadays because of the innumerable benefits they provide. Some of them have been listed below: 


  • Maintains the right posture


 You must be knowing that it’s important for every individual to maintain the correct posture. The right active seating solutions would cater to everyone’s ergonomic needs, which will help you improve your seating posture. There are several active chairs available that are specially meant for promoting a straight spine and posture. 


  • Builds Core Strength


Sitting in the right posture helps you build core strength. Additionally, it also strengthens your surrounding muscles. This will in turn improve your core stability and help you overcome sluggishness. 


  • Releases Back, Neck, and Shoulder Tension


With improved seating position and back support, fewer backaches are a natural result. You must be knowing that sitting for prolonged hours in the same position, causes not only backaches but also result in pains in your neck. Hence, to cater to those problems, many ergonomic chairs have especially been designed for that purpose. Using them would surely lessen the chances of suffering from tension and pain. 



  • Provides extra Movement to Your Day


Active seating solutions add more movement to one’s body. Hence, people who these kinds of seating are more fit physically. Sitting in an active chairs has a huge impact on the well being and proper functioning of your body. It provides you with good health and wellness, keeping you in a good mood throughout the day. 

 Combines Style and Health

Do not think active seating solutions are boring. They are available in a wide range of finishes, styles, and designs. They come in a variety of materials, colours, and shades. You would be simply surprised! You can get a study table on rent to pair it up with your ergonomically designed active seating chair. 

Now that you know why are active seating solutions important, you must look out for them in any physical store or online site. However, before you proceed to buy an ergonomically designed active chair, make sure it’s of premium materials and compare the prices of the product with other stores. So what more are you thinking of? Buy the best active seating today and incorporate healthy movements and best posture into your day!

We all love watching movies online, don’t we? But we can’t purchase a subscription or buy a movie all the time. Thankfully, many online websites allow you to watch your favorite movies for free! One such website is Tamilrockers. If you would like to know all about TamilRockers and how to access it, then keep on reading. 

What is TamilRockers?

For those of you who don’t know, Tamil Rockers is a torrent website that has a plethora of movies, including titles from South India, Bollywood, and more. You can also find music, videos, and other content on it. 

Unblock tamilrockers proxy site using VPN

Sadly, the ISP has blocked TamilRockers. So, you cannot access it like you would do so with other sites. 

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t access it at all. It only means that you will have to unblock Tamilrockers before you can view it. To do so, you can enlist the help of either a tamilrockers proxy or use a VPN. 

Top TamilRockers Mirror Sites 2021 [All Working]

List of some of the best TamilRockers mirror sites that you can use

Top TamilRockers Proxy List 2021 [All Working]

Other than mirror sites, there are also proxies that you can use for Tamilrockers unblock. Here is a tamilrockers proxy list fans can use. 

Here’s how to unblock Tamilrockers 

Now that we have listed the sites that are available to you, here is how you can use them. 

The main tools that you can opt for are Tamilrockers proxy sites. These are unique websites that essentially cover your IP address and allow you to view tamilrockers. There are numerous such Tamil Rockers proxy sites. We have listed several of such sites above.

VPN, on the other hand, refers to Virtual Private Network. This tool also hides your IP address and makes it seem like you are connecting from a different country. VPN is another great method that will make tamilrockers unblocked

There are also mirror sites, which are essentially duplicates of the main sites that remain up-and-running, even if the main site gets shut down. 

Step by step process for unblocking Tamilrockers 

Here are the steps that you can use to unblock Tamilrockers.


  • By altering your DNS
    DNS stands for Domain Name System.

On Windows, you can change the DNS by going to the Network and Sharing center and choosing the “change card” option. Then choose the Properties option from the drop-down menu. Choose “Internet Protocol Service 4” and put in your preferred and alternate DNS servers. 

  • Resetting proxy features or using proxy sites. 

To access it, Tamilrockers unblock proxy settings may also need to be changed. Doing so involves changing the intermediary settings on your web browser. Go to your browser’s “Alternatives” page. Then go to the “Progressed” option, choose either System or Associations, and then go to “LAN settings.” Finally, select the “no intermediary” option. 

Through a third-party proxy Tamilrockers can be accessed as well. You can choose anyone from those listed above. Through such a proxy site Tamilrockers mirror sites can also be opened. 

  • VPN

Lastly, to watch movies on Tamilrockers unblock site restrictions through VPN. All you have to do is download a VPN app or extension. Then, switch on the VPN and open the site. 

There is a common perception that buying a home is better than the option of rent. While it may be nice to call a house “your own”, renting is a far better option. 

In this economy, renting allows you to get the kind of house you want without having to empty your pockets or get a loan. It’s a flexible and convenient system that everyone can take advantage of. Right from electronic appliances to home decor items, you can get anything on rent

For instance, owning a laptop requires maintenance as well. Although one may follow all the laptop maintenance tips, renting provides a simple option to replace in case of any faulty errors.

Here is a list of five reasons that will really make you think – why buy when you can rent. Keep on reading to know them all. 

Reasons Why Renting is a better option than Buying

  • No need to pay for upkeep

The best thing about renting is that you don’t need to worry about maintenance. People often underestimate the amount of upkeep a house requires. Pest infestations, mold, damaged pipes are only a few of the problems that homeowners have to solve. As a renter, you don’t have to worry about solving these issues. All you have to do is inform your landlord and they’ll take care of the rest. 

  • No down payment needed

Renting doesn’t call for any down payment. That is why homes are the first amongst many things that you should rent instead of buy. Down payments are large sums of money that you must pay to secure an estate. People have to take out loans or give out a big chunk of their savings for down payments. But in the case of renting, all you have to do is give a couple of months’ advance. 

  • No worry about price fluctuation

Another reason why renting is better than buying is that renters don’t have to deal with the stress of price fluctuation. Homeowners, on the other hand, have to constantly worry about the price of their property rising and falling. People can lose a lot of money if they sell their home when the real estate market is down. The value of their property can also decrease due to reasons beyond their control. Renters do not have to deal with problems such as these. 

  • Renters are exempted from Property Tax

The monetary benefits of renting a house than buying are numerous. In addition to what has already been mentioned, another financial advantage of renting is that you don’t have to pay property tax. In case you didn’t know, property tax is levied on all homeowners, and in some states, it can be over 2% of the price of the home. Thankfully, renters do not have to pay Property Tax. 

  • No long-term commitment

Unlike homeownership, renting doesn’t involve any commitment. You can leave your place of residence at any time without having to worry about selling it or taking care of it. However, when you own a home and you have to leave it, you encounter several problems. You have to ensure it’s maintenance for as long as you are gone or you have to sell it. Renting gives you a sense of freedom that homeownership cannot. 

  • Get great features without paying for them

Another benefit of renting a house is that you can get access to a myriad of furniture and fittings without having to pay for them. Whereas, if you buy a house, you’ll have to purchase everything yourself. If the home that you have rented is fully-furnished, your furniture can become things you can rent out for profit. Thus you can not only save but also make money if you rent homes instead of buying. 

Compact homes are the reality of today. As high-rises and apartments take over the housing market, small space architecture becomes more prevalent. This makes home decoration a much harder task as you have to use your space effectively and make your home look appealing, at the same time. 

Now, you may be thinking that making a small home look beautiful and spacious will be an expensive affair. But that’s not true. Decorating small spaces on a budget is very easy. All you have to do is employ some tips. Here are five ways you can make your house look great while staying within a budget. 

Tips for Decorating Small Spaces on a Budget

  • Stick to the basics – 

If you want to know how to maximize space in a small house, there is just one answer – stick to basics. Instead of cramming your home with numerous items, buy a few small home decor items that will remain for a long time. Not only will it prevent your interior from looking stuffy and packed, but it will also save you money. By investing in a couple of classy pieces, you’ll be set for a long time without emptying out your coffers. 

  • Trust flea markets – 

Opt-out from over-priced and overhyped online brands and instead take a trip to your nearest flea market. You’ll find trendy furniture at a much lower price. We assure you that your home will look just as great with pre-used items, if not better. Flea markets are a great place to look for small home decor items as well like lamps, wall hangings, and more. To get an idea about thrifting, you can check out videos and articles on the internet. 

  • Storage over the show – 

In the case of small apartments, functionality is more important. You don’t have a lot of space to work with which is why effective storage is the first priority. Thankfully, you can get storage cubbies and bins for very cheap. They’re also widely available in thrift stores. Instead of getting showy furniture, get pieces that you can effectively use. This is another great tip for those who want to know how to maximize space in a small house. 

  • Use light colors – 

The secret to making small apartments look larger is using white and pastel colors. Light colors will reflect any natural light that enters the house and make your home look airy and spacious. Using all-white or pastel fabric or painting the walls in light colors is the key to acing interior decoration for small space architecture. This is another tip that won’t require much money but will make your small apartment look bright and beautiful. 

  • Don’t let items accumulate – 

If you want to master the art of decorating small spaces on a budget, then make sure that you never let things accumulate. You may be tempted to make an impulse purchase, especially when it’s cheap, but don’t do it. As you bring more and more things, you’ll end up with an extremely cluttered home. When you have a compact living area, the best thing you can do is keep it simple and clean. 

The most widely-used and popular app store for Android users is none other than Google Play Store. It boasts an extensive collection of famous Android apps, including games, shopping apps, editing apps, and more. 

But despite its enormous collection, it continues to be devoid of several must-have Android apps. Thankfully, there are many third-party app stores,  from where you can download your favorite apps that are unavailable on Google Play Store. 

What are third-party app stores?

As the name suggests, third-party app stores are app stores by parties other than the official operating system manufacturers. You can find unknown and less popular games and apps on these sites. 

How to download third-party apps?

The steps to downloading third-party apps are easy and simple. Just do the following – 

  1. Go to the official website of your desired third-party app store. 
  2. Select the “Download” option on the website in order to start the downloading process. 
  3. Grant permission to your operating system to allow the download from your file or web browser. Doing so will successfully install the app store to your device.

Thus, with these steps, you’ll now have your desired third-party app store on your phones.

What are the best third-party app stores?

If you’d like to know about five great third-party app stores, keep on reading. 

  1. Amazon App Store – 

The most well-known Android app store alternative is the Amazon App Store. Initially launched in 2011, this tool has a decent amount of interesting apps, and includes those which aren’t available in the play store. It has an easy-to-use interface and is compatible with all types of Android phones. You can download it from the official Amazon website. 

  1. Aptoide – 

Aptoide is one of the oldest third-party app stores available on the internet. It has numerous categories of apps to choose from. You can even find popular as well as lesser-known apps here. It is one of the most trusted apps stores and continues to have a large user base even today. You can access this store by going to the official Aptoide website.

  1. AC Market – 

If you want an app store that replicates the play store in its user interface, then AC Market is just the one for you. It has a very clean and sharp format. It also has all kinds of popular apps as well as the best unknown Android apps. You can find several modified apps as well. Best of all, it can be used for all Android as well as iOS devices. 

  1. APK Pure – 

One of the most renowned and best Android apps outside Google Play is APKPure. This third-party store has a plethora of tools and entertainment apps that you can use. If you want something that is simple and doesn’t need much fiddling around, then this app will suit you the best. There are numerous favorable reviews of APK Pure and it continues to be a user favorite. 

  1. Qoo Apps – 

Fans of Anime and Manga will love Qoo Apps, which is a third-party app store that contains different kinds of Japanese games. It includes match games, role-playing games, and much more. It’s limited in categories as it is a specially made store for Asian games. But if you want Japanese games that are unavailable in the Google Play Store, you’ll get them here. 

Did you know that one may survive for several weeks without food, but barely a week without water? We all know that water is an indispensable part of our lives. It’s a major component of a healthy physique and mind. But it can be quite dangerous for your health, if not consumed correctly. 

Before consuming water from any source, purifying it is a must. Otherwise, you risk falling extremely and even fatally sick. Thankfully, purification of water is easy and there are numerous natural ways to purify water at home.

If you’d like to know about methods that you can use for daily as well as emergency water purification, then keep on reading. 

Why is it important to purify water?

The reason as to why it is crucial that you purify water before drinking is that water contains numerous microbes. It has bacteria, viruses, fungi, and several other microscopic organisms. Not to mention, it also contains dirt, sand, etc. 

Consuming water without applying drinking water purification methods will allow such microbes to enter your body and cause numerous diseases like cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and much more. 

Is tap water filtered?

Simply put, no. Tap water is not filtered as it comes directly from the ground. It also contains microparticles of dirt, sand, and microorganisms too. So it is essential to purify tap water as well. 

What are the best water purification methods at home?

As we said, there are numerous ways you can purify water at home. The five most tried and tested methods are as follows – 

  1. Boiling – 

The best way to clean out water is by boiling it. If you’re confused as to how to purify water by boiling, don’t worry because it’s simple. Simply pour the raw water into a large vessel, set it on high heat and let it boil for a minimum of ten minutes. The heat will kill all microbes. Let it cool and pour it into your preferred drinking utensil. 

  1. Water Filtration Systems – 

Commercial filtration systems have become a staple in all households now. This equipment remains attached to your tap, and it automatically filters the water when you switch on the tap. If you want to know how to filter tap water naturally, then we assure you that this is the best method. It is quite affordable now as well. 

  1. Iodine – 

A short term method to purify water is adding iodine tablets or liquid iodine. This substance helps kill bacteria and microbes and makes your water safe to drink. It is recommended to use 3 tablets or 10-15 drops of iodine per liter and wait 30 mins for it to work. This is a great way to get rid of viruses in water backpacking, traveling, or when trekking. 

  1. Chlorine – 

Another substance that you can use to get home purified water is chlorine. Similar to iodine, you have to add-in a sufficient amount of chlorine drops and wait for at least 30 mins. The chlorine will eliminate the bacteria and make the water safe for you to drink. You can use this to purify water when traveling as well.

  1. Solar Purification – 

This is one of the easiest ways to purify water. All you have to do is fill a bottle with water, shake it vigorously and place it horizontally in direct sunlight. Upon doing so, the light and UV rays of the sun will act on the water and kill the microbes present in it. This method can be used in emergency situations when no other substance or equipment is available.

If you are here then I pretty much guess that you have been blocked by one of your contacts on Whatsapp. Not to worry, by the end of this article you’ll get to know how to unblock yourself. Whatsapp has been used by millions across the world and mostly everyone gets blocked either once in their lifetime. But many are unaware of how to unblock yourself from others phones.

There are still people who are unaware of how to block WhatsApp accounts and there are some who use this option quite frequently. Before you get to know how to unblock yourself let’s first make sure that you have blocked or not. 

Find out whether you have been actually blocked or not

Sometimes what happens is your contact might not have a display picture and might have hid his/her last seen which might leave in deception. Here are some of the ways to find out whether you have been blocked by one of your contacts and let me tell you, this is what I did to find out who blocked me on WhatsApp.


  • Check whether the contact is Online


The easiest way to know whether you are blocked or not is by checking for the contact online status. If it shows online or if their last seen is visible, then you aren’t blocked. Make sure that you are cent percent sure before concluding that you are blocked.


  • Check for Updates 


If they haven’t blocked you, at some point in time they would actually change their display picture or change their status. From this you can conclude that you haven’t been blocked. If it’s the other way round then sorry to say this my friend but there is a 90 percent chance of you being blocked.


  • Try calling or sending a message over Whatsapp


This is the best way to know whether you are cent percent blocked or not. Try giving the contact a call. If you are blocked then the call will fail. Similarly, when you send a message it won’t deliver to the contact. By this, you can conclude that you have been blocked.

Ways to unblock yourself on Whatsapp

Without any dawdling here are some of the ways to unblock yourself on Whatsapp. The first and the easiest thing to do is by going into the settings options and deleting your account. What this does is it deletes all your previous data and cache. This is mandatory to unblock yourself on WhatsApp. 

But there is a drawback, despite losing all the previous chat messages you’ll also be removed from all the groups that you are in. It is completely up to you in choosing whether to go to that extent just to talk to one of your contacts. 

If you are not willing to take that risk then is another method. By using this alternative, learn how to unblock yourself on Whatsapp without deleting account. You can actually ask one of your friends to create a group with you and the contact. Once the group is created you can ask your friend to leave the group. By using this method you get to talk to that contact without having to delete your account.

Closing thoughts

Being blocked on WhatsApp is no shame. Almost everyone gets blocked either once in their social life. So take this lightly and if possible accept that the person is not willing to make a conversation with you. Whatsapp has given users this option to prevent any spam messages or being introduced into unknown people or groups. Probably you should be aware of how to block WhatsApp groups to prevent such spam messages. I hope that this article served the very purpose it was meant for and helped you unblock your account.


If you are a movie buff then you might be pretty much aware of what Putlocker is all about. For those who aren’t, Putlocker is more of a site where you can download movies and dramas of all genres. It came into limelight in the year 2011. 

In 2016 it was officially blocked in the UK due to copyright issues. Since then it has come out with multiple sites that are illegal. Putlocker123, Putlocker9, Putlockermovies are some of the sites from where you can download all the latest movies irrespective of the genre. Though their sites have been blocked multiple numbers of times, they still come up with a new one. They somehow have been able to garner a large fan base for themselves over the past few years.

If you have come this far then without any dawdling here are some of the ways you can make use of Putlocker and download movies. The best part is, the site provides 4K resolution movies that you can download and watch it offline.

How to download Putlocker for PC?

When it comes to downloading Putlocker for your Windows or Mac, then you can’t find better software than AceThinker Video Keeper. There is no need to download putlockers app for PC. With the software, you can easily download the videos based on your preference quite easily if you have the Putlocker URL. As mentioned earlier you can download videos of up to 4K resolution. The AceThinker gives you the freedom to download videos in different formats.  

So all you gotta do is install AceThinker Video Keeper on your PC. By clicking the Menu button in the app you can change the settings of the video format that you wish to download. You can also choose where you want to save the video. Then you gotta copy the link of the movie that you wish to download from the Putlocker site and paste it in the app and click download.

Within no time the video gets downloaded provided you have a good network connection. Once the movie is downloaded you can find them on your computer. 

How to download from Putlockers on android and iPhone?

As far as downloading videos from Putlockers on android phones is concerned, it can be done using the app KeepVid. Similar to the AceThinker software for PC, the app can download up to 4K resolution provided that your phone should be capable of supporting it. 

All you gotta do is download KeepVid from Playstore. The app is even capable of downloading movies from Dailymotion, Youtube, and other sites as well. Copy the URL of your preferred movie from Putlocker123 power or putlocker9 download. Once done paste it in the KeepVid and click download. Within no time the video gets downloaded. 

Similarly, iPhone users can use Video Saver Pro+ to download the movies using the Putlockers link. The Video Save Pro+ is available on the app store and it has all the features similar to KeepVid. Apart from that Video Save Pro+ can save all the videos in drives ensuring that the movies don’t occupy space on your device. 

We hope this article served the very purpose it was meant for and gave you a clear insight on how to download movies from putlocker. If you are finding it difficult to get the URL, try googling out putlocker9 free movie download, you’ll somehow find the recent link of the site. 

With the growing technology, it has become easier to earn money online. Nowadays there are so many opportunities through which you can earn money just by staying where you are. All you gotta do is pick up the right skill and monetize it. What if I tell you that you can earn money just by doing what you are good at.

In this article, we’ve put forth some of the best ways through which you can earn money online. To earn money online all you gotta have is basic communication skills and the ability to read and write. Without any dawdling here are some of the ways that you can earn money online.

How to earn money online without paying anything

Social Media is one platform where you can make money by doing whatever you are good at. If you are good at writing you can always start a career as a freelancer, if you are good at dancing, singing or even cooking you can make money by organizing an online coaching program and earn money by teaching students. 

Work on your strengths and find ways to monetize those strengths using social media platforms. The best part is you don’t have to pay anything from your end to earn money. Most people search for opportunities on how to make extra money on the side but none are ready to put in the time and develop a skill that will fetch them a hefty income. 

There are many such creative ways to make money online. You can learn by developing websites or logos and make a hefty income by doing so. Similarly, if you are good at making art, some people look for purchasing unique and peculiar artwork, you can always find a potential client online and sell it to them.

Earn Money Through Participating in Surveys 

Paid Surveys are one of the best ways to earn money online. All you gotta do is participate in online surveys for cash. There are so many sites like Survey Moola, Swag Bucks, Prize Rebel, etc. which offer money for participating in surveys. All you gotta do is make a profile in their sites and participate in surveys in which you are eligible. Once you complete the survey you get paid. 


You have to meet specific criteria to participate in online surveys for money. The Payment gets transferred to your dashboard and once you attain a certain mark the money shall be reflected to your bank account. You can keep track of all your earnings online.


Closing Thoughts

Over the years it has become quite easy to make and receive payments online. Everything is so simple and transparent that there is minimal chance of being manipulated by fraudsters. But still there are ways you can be tricked. Make sure that you don’t get caught in any sort of fake MLM schemes and end up losing all your money. There are so many other real ways to make money from home. Everything is so transparent nowadays that you can search on how to earn money online with google and get a desired set of results. There are so many ways to make money online with google which is way safer than any other online site. So what are you waiting to spend time and make the best use of this global pandemic to make money online.

Fastag is a revolutionary innovation that has changed the field of electronic monetary transactions. HDFC Bank’s Fastag program has altered road-trip experiences by making toll booth payments easy. 

If you’d like to know all the details about the Fastag system and learn how to use it to your advantage, keep on reading. 

What is the FASTag system?

Fastag is a program launched by the NETC (National Electronic Toll Collection) as an initiative to make toll booth payments easy and convenient.

It is a rechargeable tag that allows the automatic deduction of toll booth charges and lets you travel without having to stop for cash transactions. Through Radio-frequency Identification (RFID), the fastag account tag is recognized and toll charges are deducted. 

HDFC is one of the many banks that has collaborated with the NETC in this effort to make traveling easier and more approachable. 

What are the advantages of using HDFC Fastag?

Using the Fastag system poses several, different kinds of advantages. 

  • The best thing about this system is that you can get cashback for your transactions! Now, you may be thinking about how much discount by HDFC for Fastag is provided. Well, they will give you 2.5% cashback for all all toll payments made by tag. 
  • It saves a great deal of time as you don’t have to stop for a long time at the toll booths. 
  • You’ll receive message alerts for all your transactions thus allowing you to keep track of your records. 
  • You will be able to avail roadside assistance during emergencies (subject to terms and conditions) 

Where to buy Fastag?

The steps on how to get fastag online for yourself are incredibly easy and simple. Here are the steps to follow. 

  1. Firstly, go to the HDFC Fastag portal and choose the log-in option. 
  2. Next, choose the “First-time user” option and enter your details. These details include documents required for fastag which are –
  • A copy of the Registration Certificate (RC) of your vehicle.
  • KYC documents (ID and Address proof) which can be Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter ID, PAN Card, etc. 
  • Passport-size photograph of the applicant and owner of the vehicle.  After filling in your details, make the payment and complete the transaction. 


After completing the process, your fastag card will reach your doorstep within a few business days. For more assistance in this regard, you can also contact HDFC fastag customer care.

How to do fastag recharge online?

Your fastag card has a validity of up to five years and doesn’t need to be renewed before that. However, you need to recharge your fastag balance regularly. Similar to the application procedure, the process for recharging fastag is also simple and convenient. 

  1. Go to the HDFC Fastag website and enter your log-in details.
  2. Click on the recharge icon. 
  3. Select the wallet ID that you want to recharge. 
  4. Put in the amount you would like to recharge. 
  5. Finally, choose “Yes” to complete the process and make your recharge a success. 

With similar steps, you can recharge your fastag through HDFC Net Banking, HDFC Mobile Banking, PayZapp, and other UPI like Google Pay, Paytm, etc.  

How to check fastag balance?

If you want to gain information about your fastag wallet status, balance, and more, all you have to do is place a missed call on the number 720-805-3999 from the mobile number which you have registered with your NETC fastag account.